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Why Does Orthodontic Treatment Take So Long?

cleaning under bracesWhy does it often take months or sometimes years to complete orthodontic treatment? Is there a way to reduce the time you spend on braces? While there are steps to take to reduce how long you wear braces, the process needs to be slow and systematic to ensure the health of your smile.

Looking at the Big Picture

The main reason why orthodontic treatment takes so long is that multiple teeth need to be adjusted throughout the process. Some teeth may need to be moved before others, requiring what seems like a delay in treatment (although it’s very systematic). This is one reason why you may see certain teeth straighten out before others, rather than the most noticeable ones first.

How to Reduce Your Time in Braces

Thankfully, there are still ways to shorten the length of time you wear braces.

First, always follow your home care instructions related to elastics, and change out aligners or other appliances, as these help move your teeth.

Second, be sure to keep each appointment with our Dee Why orthodontist. Delaying visits can prolong the time required to see your full results.

Finally, make sure you practice good oral hygiene to keep your smile healthy. Dental infections can affect the health of your bone, teeth and gums, potentially delaying tooth movement.

Your Estimated Treatment Length

When you visit with Wavescape Orthodontics, we can provide you an estimated time frame of how long it will take for you to complete your teeth straightening treatment. Reserve a no-obligation appointment with us today for a personalised care plan.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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