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Children’s Orthodontics in Dee Why

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Children in need of orthodontics require unique treatment approaches. At Wavescape Orthodontics, Dr Riaan Foot (Orthodontist) has the experience to partner with you in determining which solution is most appropriate for your child.

Orthodontic issues can develop early in life. If left untreated, these problems may lead to long-term or even irreversible damage to the teeth, jaw and face. Therefore, the early detection of any issues is important for timely, effective treatment.

The Importance of Early Screenings

By bringing your child in for an early orthodontic screening, we can plan for the future and pinpoint any developmental concerns that might require treatment during the teen years. Between ages 12-14, most teeth have settled into their set position and alignment.

Because teens also experience rapid growth spurts and changes in their jaws, our orthodontist can help correct any significant bite concerns at this time.

Putting Your Child at Ease

We’ll consider your child’s dental and facial development, as well as their maturity and emotional development, to determine the most suitable option. Their emotional wellbeing is paramount, and we take the time to answer their questions, address their concerns and make sure they’re comfortable.

Orthodontic Treatment Options for Kids

For children, we recommend removable and fixed plates and functional dental appliances. Removable plates and appliances are worn 24/7 to help achieve the desired movements to correct growth discrepancies and align the teeth and jaw.

Functional appliances can be used to improve the jaw position, improving the balance and harmony of the facial profile.


When should my child receive their first orthodontic evaluation?

Our orthodontist recommends an assessment at age 8. Although most children don’t require orthodontic treatment at such a young age, there are some conditions that could turn into long-term or irreversible dental or anatomical issues if they’re not addressed at this stage of oral development.

Are there early indications that my child might need orthodontic treatment?

If your child has any of these early warning signs, it’s a good idea to get an evaluation done by an orthodontist:

  • Thumb sucking through childhood
  • If someone else in your family needed braces
  • Snoring
  • Poor school performance
  • Early loss of baby teeth
  • Underbites
  • Front teeth that protrudes

What is the ideal age for kids to get braces?

Ideally, children should get braces between 12-14 after all their adult teeth have erupted. A child’s head and mouth are still growing during this period, and children this age still have softer bones and faster metabolism, making tooth movement quicker than mature adults. Growth also contributes to fixing bites, because jaw growth can be influenced and redirected while kids are growing.

Will my child require an early intervention?

Early intervention in kids may be needed in cases where the malocclusion will cause long-term or irreversible damage. By identifying problems early before the jaw is set, more complex issues can be prevented in the future, saving your child pain and potentially more invasive treatments down the road.

Will my regular dentist tell me if my child needs braces?

Your dentist may see a problem with your child’s bite or teeth that you’re unaware of, and refer you to an orthodontist. However, this isn’t always the case. Dentists receive very broad training and are often focused on general dental care. They may not have the knowledge to identify orthodontic issues in patients, leading to potential problems going unnoticed and untreated.

Want to Learn More?

Find out more – contact our Dee Why practice today to discuss our services! We offer payment plans that suit your budget and accept health fund coverage.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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