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At Wavescape Orthodontics, patient education is a critical part of our practice. We always want to provide patients with valuable information that they can use to ensure an optimal orthodontic outcome. That’s why we have put together the following helpful YouTube videos:

Wearing & Taking Care of Your Twin Block

Find out how to properly wear a Twin Block upper and lower appliance. You’ll also learn how to keep your appliance clean.

Wear & Care Instructions for a Plate/Removable Appliance (URA)

Learn how to properly place a plate/removable appliance (URA) and keep it clean (no toothpaste is needed).

Retainer Wear & Care Instructions

After completing orthodontic treatment, wearing a retainer is critical, so your teeth don’t revert to their former position. Find out how to place, clean and protect your appliance.

How to Properly Wear Your Aligners

Watch how to securely place the aligners, using the green aligner chewies. And find out how to keep your aligners clean and safe.

How to Improve Braces Cleaning

Keeping your teeth clean while wearing braces doesn’t have to be tricky. Find out how to properly brush your teeth to avoid white spots.

How to Properly Place Box Elastics

An important tool in orthodontic treatment, box elastics are used to adjust the positioning of the teeth and jaw. Watch how to properly place the bands.

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