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What are DIY braces? And three reasons they're a bad idea.

invisible bracesCheap DIY braces may be tempting; however, consumers should be aware of some serious risks. Without supervision from a qualified orthodontist, they may lead to permanent damage to the teeth and gums, and costly remedial treatment.

DIY braces have grown in popularity in recent years, in part due to misleading promotion on social media. DIY providers promote their aligners as a cheap and easy way to straighten teeth in the convenience of your own home.

What are DIY braces and orthodontics?

DIY orthodontics are commonly in the form of clear aligners that can be purchased cheaply over the counter or online.

Usually, the patient will receive a “do it yourself” impression kit to make a mould of their teeth. A set of clear aligners is then manufactured based on the mould provided. The patient is left to complete the treatment without any ongoing supervision.

What are the risks of DIY braces? Three reasons to avoid them

While DIY braces may seem significantly cheaper and easier, there are severe risks with this approach. Here are three reasons to avoid DIY braces.

1. Risk of serious infection

Moving teeth in the presence of underlying tooth or gum disease can accelerate these diseases, leading to possible tooth loss.

Unfortunately, the process of DIY orthodontics doesn’t include clinical examinations or x-rays to determine any existing issues before treatment.

On the other hand, specialist orthodontists are experts in recognising these underlying problems and addressing them before moving the teeth.

2. Damage to the teeth and jaw 

Straight teeth can still cause problems if the bite is incorrect. Incorrect bites can lead to breaking/chipping of teeth, wearing of tooth enamel, and jaw joint problems.

DIY orthodontics only addresses the straightening of teeth and does not change or improve a patient’s bite.

In contrast, orthodontists identify and treat both teeth alignment and bite issues.

3. More costly and time-consuming in the long run 

Orthodontists are often left to fix the damage caused by DIY treatments, which can cost patients vast sums and takes years to correct.

Repairing the damage from DIY procedures could be far more expensive than the investment in the right specialist orthodontic care from the start.

Why is an orthodontist the best person to straighten your teeth?

While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest option, it’s crucial to receive the right advice and treatment for your particular set of circumstances.

Orthodontists are experts in assessing the problem and identifying which options will lead to the best outcome, and, ultimately, the best smile.

Teeth are best left to the professionals as you only have one set that needs to last you a lifetime.

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