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Orthodontics for Every Age

patient-dental-consultWhen people think of braces, they usually think of teenagers wearing them. While that is an ideal age for many orthodontic solutions, you can achieve a straighter smile at any age. There are many high-quality orthodontic options that we offer at Wavescape Orthodontics.


Orthodontic issues can develop early in life for children. If left untreated, it may lead to long-term or even irreversible damage to the teeth, jaw and face. We invite you to bring your child in for a consultation. If we believe that they can benefit from early intervention we will determine the most suitable option.


If your preteen or teen has all their adult teeth it’s easy to evaluate if they have issues with crooked teeth, gaps or misaligned bites. Nearly all possible problems can be treated in most cases, we would use either traditional braces or clear aligners for our teen patients.


Do you think it’s too late for you to show off a more aligned smile? It’s not! We have different options for adult orthodontics. We tailor a solution that matches the outcomes desired by adult patients and take the time to discuss your specific wishes and needs so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Other Benefits of Orthodontics

While orthodontic treatment gives you an aesthetically pleasing smile, it does so much more. It can dramatically decrease your future risk for tooth decay, gum disease, chewing problems, speech difficulties, jawbone loss, bruxism or teeth grinding.

When you have a perfectly aligned smile, you look fantastic and likely feel good about yourself. You’re more likely to smile confidently in your personal and professional life.

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We provide orthodontics for your entire family. Contact our team today to learn more or book your consultation!

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