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Do wisdom teeth cause crowding of your front teeth?

teeth model displayIt is a common myth that the emergence of wisdom teeth causes crooked or crowded teeth.

The “natural drift”

Research has dispelled this misconception and shown that wisdom teeth don’t exert enough pressure on neighbouring teeth to cause dental crowding.

Instead, crowding can occur due to the “natural drift” that can happen regardless of whether wisdom teeth are present or not. As we age, our face and jaws subtly change shape, and the back teeth move forward, whilst the front teeth move backward.

Extracting wisdom teeth

Today, there is no reason to remove wisdom teeth to minimise future crowding of teeth. However, they may need removal if they are causing pain, tooth decay, or gum disease.

If you are worried about crowding in your teeth or changes to your teeth and jaw alignment, it is best to see a specialist orthodontist for advice on orthodontic treatment options.

What are the different types of treatments, and which is right for me?

There are many orthodontic treatments available today to help straighten teeth and fix teeth and jaw alignment problems. But choosing the right treatment takes time and careful consideration. Here is a summary of the options available and some of the pros and cons of each. Read more

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