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Choosing the Right Aligner Provider: Orthodontist vs. Dentist Comparison

girl-with-glasses-putting-in-aligner-sq-400If you or your child needs help with crooked or gapped teeth, where should you go? Every parent or individual considering aligners to regain a straight smile must decide on the ideal care provider. Should you go to a general dentist offering aligners or find an orthodontist?

At Wavescape Orthodontics, we believe an orthodontist is by far the better choice when you want to get aligners. Here’s why:

Orthodontists Focus on Aligning

General dentists and orthodontists both care for people’s teeth. However, each has different aspects of oral healthcare that they specialize in providing.

A top focus for dentists is the cleanliness of a patient’s teeth. Dentists focus most on maintaining oral health through brushing, flossing, and regular cleaning appointments. Through their care, they want to help you avoid cavities and keep each individual tooth healthy.

For the orthodontist, instead of individual tooth health, the focus is fixing the underlying dental and skeletal conditions that contribute to imperfect positioning of the teeth. They are specifically trained to understand the principles of tooth movement, jaw alignment, and bite correction.

Orthodontists Provide Comprehensive Solutions for Your Alignment Problems

A benefit to going to an orthodontist is their experience and focus allows them to more quickly diagnose and address complex alignment issues. Because they focus specifically on orthodontic cases, they know how to find solutions to a wide range of simple or complex problems.

The mechanics of jaw alignment and tooth movement can be tricky. Orthodontists possess both extensive experience and a commitment to staying current with the latest advancements in aligner technology. This ensures they have a deeper understanding of the process and how to use all available options to achieve the best results.

Considering specialty and experience, there is a clear advantage to getting aligners from an orthodontist versus a dentist offering alignment services.

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